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5.3. Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation are carried out in order to learn from experience and to allow accountability.

Monitoring is the systematic and continuous collection, assessment and use of information on the key elements of the project. Evaluation is systematic attempt to analyse the effectiveness of the project and to learn what works and why. In practice, monitoring and evaluation are closely linked as the project monitoring data forms the basis for project evaluation.

CSOs are accountable to many stakeholders: to their own members and supporters, donors and various authorities, and to the project beneficiaries (people, whose lives are aimed to be improved). CSOs are also responsible for ensuring that relevant laws, rules and principles are followed.

There are different approaches to monitoring and evaluation.  The type of approach to use depends on what information is required, by whom, and what it will be used for.  Ideally the monitoring and evaluation approaches and methods should also support the goals of the project and learning of the project partners. They also need to ensure that the project is carried out efficiently and successfully.